Jan has been specialising in aviation law and policy and in corporate law for over 10 years. He started his legal career at Weil in a commercial law department. Since 2008 he has been practicing individually as a business lawyer specialising in commercial law, aviation law, administrative law and tax law. Jan has successfully led numerous corporate restructuring projects, and has been active as an aviation expert in consulting and training projects for the industry and the government. He is a member of the Warsaw Bar Association.

Research & teaching

Jan has also been a lecturer in air law at the Warsaw School of Economics since 2012 and was an assistant professor at the Centre for Antitrust and Regulatory Studies, Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw, where he has headed the Civil Aviation Laboratory since 2016. He was also a tutor at Polish National School of Public Administration

Publications & editorship

He has published several books and numerous research papers on air law, aviation policy and regulatory issues. Jan has been an editor of the Transport Series at iKAR (internet Quarterly on Antitrust and Regulation, ISSN 2299-5749), and a reviewer for several renowned transport journals.

& distinctions

He graduated in law from University of Warsaw in 2007 (summa cum laude) and had received multiple scholar awards from the Minister of Education. Jan obtained his PhD degree in air law in 2011 and the prizewinning print version of his thesis was named the best Polish monograph in law and economic regulation of network infrastructures.

Find Jan at:

Jan Walulik
Aviation Research & Consulting

50/515 Nowogrodzka St.
Warsaw, PL00-695

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