Regulatory Reform: The Case of Air Transport (Reforma regulacyjna. Przykład transportu lotniczego)

Warsaw: EuroPrawo, 2013 (in Polish)

ISBN: 9788376270821


Regulatory Reform: The Case of Air Transport (Reforma regulacyjna. Przykład transportu lotniczego)

The book is the first comprehensive publication in Poland where regulation and regulatory reform are discussed in the context of air law. It was acknowledged as the best monograph on regulatory issues in Poland 2012–2014. Reflections included in this work cover public international law, European law and US federal law. Additionally, the book refers to doctrines established in business law as well as to theories of regulation developed in economics.

The first part presents theoretical models of regulation and regulatory reform. Based on a digest of concepts presented in law, economics and political sciences, the historical concepts of these phenomena, their axiological foundations and respective legal instruments are discussed. In the second part the functioning of these models is illustrated with the transformations in the air transport industry. The economic characteristics of the airline sector and the fundaments of international, regional and national air law are outlined. The process of regulatory reform is exemplified on US airline deregulation and EU liberalisation in air transport. The work makes conclusions regarding the economic impact of the reform in the mentioned geographic regions, as well as forecasts concerning its future directions in the international sphere.

The dissertation represents a unique approach and makes the first systematic lecture on regulatory reform in Polish literature. The models of regulation and regulatory reform are defined in a wider perspective embracing international and domestic economic policies. The book explains how values underlying legal and economic systems translate into particular functions of government in the economy and trigger application of specific legal instruments in the regulated sectors. The genesis and the consequences of the deliberated normative phenomena are discussed in the perspective of both policy and economic considerations. This places the legal debate in the wider context of economic transformations.

In 2015 the monograph Regulatory Reform: The Case of Air Transport (Reforma regulacyjna. Przykład transportu lotniczego), Warsaw: EuroPrawo, 2013 was awarded the main prize in the Centre for Antitrust and Regulatory Studies, Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw contest for the best monograph in Poland in law and economics of regulation in infrastructure sectors. The contest participants included 30 authors of individual scientific monographs published in 2012–2014 (doctoral theses, post-doctoral dissertations, professorial books and other monographs).

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